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The Misguided Feminism of the PSOE and PP, According to Sanahuja

Juan Pablo Ma˝ueco
December 17, 2006
Translated from the Spanish: http://www.diariosigloxxi.com/noticia.php?id=19200

The Dean of Barcelona's judges, Maria Sanahuja, has made some statements that are so reasonable that anyone can understand them, even without being a dean or simply a judge. In spite of the fact that these things may sound strange or new, given the constant media intoxication that is claiming the opposite.

"The massive detention of men for scarcely any reason is a characteristic of totalitarian countries."

"The Integral Law on Gender Violence is causing a repugnant violation of fundamental rights in Spain."

"It has provoked a sort of madness in the law that generates abuse, the elimination of the requirement of proof during the legal process, and the absence of the presumption of innocence."

"Affirmative action violates rights such as equality, the right of liberty and legal protection, or to effective judicial oversight."

"One unjust sentence generates tremendous turmoil, a self-destructive spiral in which the victim losses control of his actions, increases violence against others, and even ends up resorting to suicide."

"All of us are responsible for the Law continuing like this, by which we have caused enormous pain to tens of thousands of men."

Judge Sanahuja, on the other hand, blames the Popular Party [PP] for this illegal action, since the problems were originally introduced in the reform of the Penal Code in 1993. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party [PSOE] made it worse with the Gender Violence Law, which was passed with the support of the Popular Party on a unanimous vote in Congress.

Finally, judge Sanahuja decried that the one positive part of the law, the part that provides welfare resources, has not been implemented.

It's fitting to finally note that judge Sanahuja belongs to a movement called "The Other Feminism," the feminism of equality, in contrast to a discriminatory women's movement that is opposed to men, which is what is now found in the Government (PSOE) and also seen in the Popular Party.

POST SCRIPT. As easily as one can understand Sanahuja's commentary, it is helpful to reflect on this: All victims are victims, and no female victim will enjoy greater protection by removing the protections of a male victim, but that some or other victims should be protected.