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Press Releases

Abrogation of Civil Rights Under Domestic Violence Policy

9/18/2009 NJ Attorney Challenges Constitutionality of Restraining Orders
1/26/2009 Shelters Don't Help the Real Victims of Violence, Report Says
10/13/2008 Frivolous Claims of Abuse are Common, Demand Remedies, RADAR Says
9/29/2008 Over 16 Million Voters Harmed by Biased Partner Abuse Laws
9/25/2008 Conference to Probe Effects of Domestic Violence Laws
7/14/2008 False Abuse Accusations Cost Taxpayers $20 Billion, Report Finds
10/16/2007 Men Presumed Guilty by Domestic Violence Laws, Experts Say
1/29/2007 One Million False Allegations of Domestic Violence Each Year, Report Finds
1/22/2007 Duke Lacrosse Fiasco Linked to Get-Tough Domestic Violence Laws
1/16/2007 Abuse Laws Have Disparate Impact on African-American Communities
9/20/2006 Report Reveals Seven Worst States for False Allegations of Violence
9/13/2006 Children the Victim of False Allegations, Report Finds
9/6/2006 Almost Anything Can be Called Domestic “Violence,” Report Finds
4/10/2006 “You Call, We Haul” Arrest Policies Violate Civil Liberties, Report Says
3/27/2006 Civil Rights Violations Widespread under Domestic Violence Laws

ABA Commission on Domestic Violence

8/6/2008 Bar Association Seeks to Tilt the Scales of Justice, Group Charges
6/2/2008 Bar Association Spreads False Information on Partner Abuse, Report Says

Nifong: Tip of the Iceberg

1/26/2010 Massachusetts Voters Reject Nifong-Style Prosecutor
5/21/2007 Judges Are Often Mislead about Partner Abuse, Report Concludes
5/7/2007 Prosecutor Bias Widespread in Abuse Cases, Report Finds
4/30/2007 False Claims of Rape Hurt Real Victims, Advocates Say
4/23/2007 Half of Rape Claims are False, Experts Say
4/12/2007 Duke Rape Case Reveals Need for Legal Overhaul, Groups Say

Violence Against Women Act

12/2/2009 Justice Official Criticized for Ignoring Scientific Integrity Policy
2/5/2009 Amidst Doubts of Effectiveness, Groups Question $400 Million for Abuse Programs in Stimulus Bill
8/26/2008 Abuse Shelter Scandals Raise Questions about Sen. Biden's Legislative Accomplishments
8/25/2008 Victims of VAWA Call on Democratic Delegates to 'Fix VAWA Now!'
7/8/2008 Women Call for Reform of 'Dysfunctional and Abusive' Domestic Violence Laws
3/10/2008 Federal Abuse Programs Riddled with Waste and Fraud, Report Finds
10/22/2007 Domestic Violence Laws Require Reform, Groups Say
10/9/2007 Domestic Violence Programs Do More Harm Than Good, Report Shows
8/8/2007 Mandatory Arrest for Partner Abuse Increases Homicides, Harvard Researcher Reports
2/5/2007 Domestic Violence Programs Lack Effectiveness and May Harm Women, Report Concludes
1/3/2007 Drop in Family Violence Unrelated to VAWA, Govt. Report Shows
7/17/2006 Victims of Violence Shortchanged by Widespread Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
4/3/2006 Abused Men with Nowhere to Turn
3/20/2006 Domestic Violence Laws Blamed for Family Breakup
7/25/2005 Senate Hearings Ignore Many Victims of Domestic Violence, Group Charges
7/18/2005 Family Groups Assail Senate VAWA Hearings


10/30/2006 UN Report Called Harmful to Families and Children
10/23/2006 UN Violence Report Criticized as Deliberately Biased
8/15/2005 Amnesty International Under Fire for Sex Bias

PBS' Breaking The Silence

1/9/2006 Ombudsman Slams Documentary, Despite PBS Whitewash
12/7/2005 PBS Documentary Takes Another Broadside for Bias
12/5/2005 PBS Documentary is Slanted and Incendiary, Report Charges
10/26/2005 Despite Protests, PBS Stands by Anti-Family Program
10/19/2005 PBS Charged with Promoting Anti-Father Bias


8/15/2011 Pioneering Domestic Violence Advocate Who Refused to Discriminate Leaves Lasting Legacy
4/28/2009 NOW vs. Rush Limbaugh on DV - Who's Right?
3/16/2009 SAFE Act will Cost Employers Billions and Hobble the Economy, Report Concludes
2/11/2008 CDC Report Criticized as an 'Unconscionable Attempt to Pad and Distort the Data'
12/6/2007 Media Matters Suppresses the Truth on Partner Abuse
10/23/2007 Associated Press Under Fire for Biased Sex Abuse Study
10/1/2007 Groups Call on Department of Justice to Tell the Truth About Partner Abuse
10/9/2006 Presidential Proclamation Recognizes Male Victims of Domestic Violence
10/2/2006 Irresponsible Newsweek Article Incites Gender Conflict, Harms Kids
6/12/2006 Women More Likely to Abuse, But Disinformation Continues at NYC Event
5/22/2006 Males Equally at Risk of Partner Violence, But Media Bias Persists
3/7/2005 Lifetime Program on Domestic Violence Does a Disfavor to Women – And to the Truth
2/9/2005 RADAR Super Bowl Campaign Tosses a Shut-Out
1/16/2005 Hidden Casualties of Domestic Violence Find Their Voice