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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
WCVB-TV: Innocent Men Permanently On Restraining Order Registry
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9/16/2008 13.5% of Likely Voters Say "Fix VAWA Now!"
8/25/2008 Sen. Biden: "I Wrote the Violence Against Women Act."
8/12/2008 This Week, Tell the ABA Judicial Division to Straighten Up!
8/5/2008 Tell the ABA Section of Family Law to Get Their Facts Straight
7/29/2008 ABA Refuses to Get Their Facts Straight – Now Let's Cut Off Their Funding!
7/21/2008 Tell the ABA President to Get His Facts Straight
7/14/2008 Let's Pile On: Demand VAWA Reform!
7/7/2008 Fix VAWA Now!
6/23/2008 Congressman Scott, Combat the Fatherhood Crisis: Oppose H.R. 6088
6/16/2008 Tell Your Congressman – "Don't Earmark Money for Lawyers. Oppose HR 6088."
6/9/2008 Stop H.R.6088, the National Domestic Violence Volunteer Act
6/2/2008 Mad Hatter Justice at the ABA Commission on Domestic Violence
5/27/2008 Stop I-VAWA Now!
5/19/2008 Mission Critical! Stop I-VAWA in its Tracks Now!!
5/12/2008 NY's Restraining Order Bill – Orwellian Law to Ensnare the Innocent
5/5/2008 Ask NPR to Interview Neil Munro about his Article "Domestic Politics"
4/28/2008 Sen. Barack Obama Supports I-VAWA!
4/21/2008 Tell GW Law School to Investigate Joan Meier's Fabrications
4/14/2008 Family Law Advocates Need to Counter DV Falsehoods
3/31/2008 The CDC Admits its Mistake, But Doesn't Stop Junk Science
3/25/2008 UPDATE: No Jail Time For False Accuser!
3/24/2008 On False Rape Allegations, A Judge's Pious Words Are Not Enough.
3/17/2008 Avon Sales Reps and Reese Witherspoon Hurting Women Worldwide?
3/10/2008 Unaccountable DV Programs Misuse Tax Dollars; Place Victims at Risk
3/3/2008 Courageous Radio Host Challenges New York Domestic Violence Propaganda Campaign
2/25/2008 Call Your Senator Today, Spare the World of I-VAWA!
2/20/2008 Randy Moss's "Trial by Rumor" and the Patriot's Super Bowl Loss
2/11/2008 Call the CDC Today, Tell Them to Stop Goofball Research
1/28/2008 Are You Ready For Some Football ... Mythology?
1/21/2008 RADAR Civil Rights Project: Act Now to Stop Sex Discrimination!
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