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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
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9/14/2010 British Judges Now Officially Required To Impose Gender-Biased Sentences
9/2/2010 $870,000 Domestic Violence Campaign Made False And Misleading Claims Says S. Australia Ombudsman
8/23/2010 Domestic Violence Rate in Lesbian Community is One in Three, Higher Than Among Gay Men, Say LGBT Groups
8/12/2010 Domestic Violence Is Not Just A Man Thing
8/4/2010 Prosecutors Convict Man Without Physical Evidence; DNA Clears Him After 5 Years In Jail; Man Says Police Coerced Confession
8/4/2010 Even Battered Women's Advocates Admit Women Are Becoming More Violent Against Men, But They Still Won't Shelter Men
7/31/2010 Man Found Blinded, Malnourished, And Physically Abused After Wife Imprisons Him In Laundry Room For An Entire Year
6/22/2010 Orlando Police Say False Rape Reporting At Epidemic Level
7/25/2010 Three Decades After She Abandoned Him, His Now-Elderly Mother Sues Him Demanding He Support Her
7/22/2010 Statistics On Violence Against Women "Riddled With Errors And Corrupt Methodology"
7/22/2010 Texas Mother Admits To Choking Two Young Children With Wire After Poison Attempt Failed
7/16/2010 Mother Who Killed "Troublesome" Daughter Freed; Father Who Couldn't Bear To Watch Daughter's Suffering Jailed For Life
7/11/2010 Audit Turns Up Serious Problems With Propriety and Validity Of Domestic Violence Program's Expenditures
7/17/2010 Japanese Mother Who Strangled Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Began Torturing Her After Divorcing Her Husband
7/10/2010 British Authorities Endanger Women Worldwide By Promoting Misandrist Libel About World Cup
7/12/2010 Southwest Airlines Seated Young Boy Next To Female Sexual Predator And Refused To Allow Him To Change Seats, Suit Claims
7/11/2010 Ethics Investigation Finds Tacoma DV Advocate Knowingly Misused Position And City Funds To Interfere In A Custody Battle
7/9/2010 Woman Tried To Frame Ex-Boyfriend And Sister-In-Law By Sending Herself Threatening Text Messages
7/9/2010 Wife Of Man Beaten To Death Let The Killers Into The Room And Gave Them A Pillow To Smother Him, Prosecutors Say
6/30/2010 Mother Who Didn't Protect Daughter From Her New Partner Won't Allow Grieving Father To Attend His Little Girl's Funeral
6/7/2010 Australian Court Gives Wives Licence To Murder Husbands; Frees Woman After Execution-Style Murder
6/24/2010 British Airways Compensates Man For Their Policy Of Presuming Men Are Child Molesters
6/15/2010 Wife Charged With Stabbing Husband To Death; Media Refuses To Label It Domestic Violence
6/14/2010 Associated Press Story Protects Identity Of Woman Who Tried To Have Her Husband Murdered, But Not The Victim's Identity
6/14/2010 First, Kill The Husband. Second, Claim Sympathy As A Widow
6/2/2010 Of Domestic Violence Data Fraud and Vampires
6/1/2010 United Way And Others Violate Their Own Nondiscrimination Policies By Funding Discriminatory DV Agencies
5/28/2010 Woman Charged With 1st-Degree Murder Of 4-Year-Old Boy
5/28/2010 Falsely Accused Teacher Struggles To Cope
5/25/2010 Woman Repeatedly Makes False Rape Claims; Causes One Man's Suicide; Yet It's Her Identity That's Protected
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