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Truth and Consequences – Election 2006: About the Campaign

For years, special interest groups have spread half-truths, innuendo, and lies about domestic violence. The result is the Violence Against Women Act, a law that:

  • Shamefully ignores male victims of domestic violence
  • Casually tramples on the civil rights of hundreds of thousands of parents who each year are falsely accused of partner abuse

In the end, loving and fit parents are denied meaningful contact with their children, which places kids at greater risk from a broad range of academic, social, and legal problems.


Over 50 organizations from around the country have banded together in a non-partisan effort to educate lawmakers and the public to protect families from VAWA abuse. These groups have a broad range of missions, including promoting children's rights, family stability, shared parenting, fatherhood, victim advocacy, and media accuracy. These groups have signed a Resolution calling for the reform of VAWA: http://www.mediaradar.org/docs/VAWA-Resolution.pdf

These organizations are now participating in a nationwide campaign with the theme, "Truth and Consequences: 2006 Elections." The purpose of the campaign is to educate candidates involved in the 2006 elections about the truth of domestic violence, and the consequences of VAWA on families and children.

During the course of the campaign, persons are meeting with candidates in all 470 national races (33 in the Senate, 437 in the House of Representatives), and request that they immediately call for Congressional hearings to investigate VAWA abuse.

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