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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
WCVB-TV: Innocent Men Permanently On Restraining Order Registry
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4/28/2013 Remembering Earl Silverman, Founder of Men's Alternative Safe House
8/28/2011 Misandry in the Media: RADAR Expands its Focus
8/15/2011 Pioneering Domestic Violence Advocate Who Refused to Discriminate Leaves Lasting Legacy
8/3/2010 RADAR's New Signature Report: "Erring on the Side of Hidden Harm"
6/29/2010 NPR Gives Raped Males The Unworthy Victim Treatment
5/17/2010 The "Scalping Politicians" Email Is Not From RADAR
4/20/2010 A Weird Story Gets Weirder -- Ever-Expanding Definitions Of Abuse
3/1/2010 McGill University Student Newspaper Smears RADAR
2/23/2010 Nevada's Senator Harry Reid Plays the Domestic Violence Card
2/22/2010 NOW President's Comment Goofier Than Tebow's Superbowl Ad
2/19/2010 New Jersey Supreme Court OKs Issuing Restraining Orders Based On Lowest Standard Of Proof!
2/10/2010 Psychology Today Praises Murder of David Harris!
2/1/2010 Massachusetts Voters Reject Nifong-Style Prosecutor
1/4/2010 Tell the OVW to Obey President Obama's Scientific Integrity Directive
1/4/2010 Oral Argument in Crespo to be Webcast Jan. 6
12/31/2009 Mainstream Media Suppresses Stories Of Violence By Women
11/23/2009 "First they ignore you, ..."
11/2/2009 N.J. Supreme Court Takes Up Crespo
10/28/2009 Tell Senators to Stop the Civil Rights Travesty!
10/13/2009 Spread the Word: Domestic Violence Laws Violate Civil Liberties
10/7/2009 Tell State Legislators: Repeal Mandatory Arrest Laws Now!
9/28/2009 NJ Attorney Challenges Constitutionality of Restraining Orders
9/20/2009 Stop the Civil Rights Abuses; Prepare for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
8/26/2009 Another DV Myth: DV Situations and Danger To Police
8/17/2009 Tell President Obama, "Stop the Orwellian Half-Truths!"
8/11/2009 Where's Your Money Being Spent?
8/4/2009 NJ Appellate Division Overturns Crespo
7/20/2009 The "Power and Control" of Domestic Violence Myths
7/13/2009 It's Hard Work Spending All That Money!
6/22/2009 Junk Science at the Dept. of Justice
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