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Leading Researchers and Groups Criticize the UN Study

Leading family violence researchers and organizations around the world are criticizing the portrayal of domestic violence in the UN Study on Violence Against Women.


“Research on intimate partner violence consistently finds that men and women use similar types of aggression. By ignoring the mutual nature of much partner violence, the UN ensures that both women and men will continue to be victimised in this way.”
– Nicola Graham-Kevan, PhD, University of Central Lancashire, England

“Much domestic violence research conducted in North America has been so biased that it might be called ‘junk science.’ It has used selective data and interpreted results in a way that depicts all males as real or potential perpetrators, while downplaying female violence.”
– Donald Dutton, PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada

“Studies consistently show that throughout the Western world, men and women initiate physical violence at about equal rates, and frequently partner violence is reciprocal. Portraying inter-partner violence as though it only involves male perpetrators and female victims does both men and women a disservice.”
– Felicity Goodyear-Smith, MB ChB, University of Auckland, New Zealand


“Marginalizing violence against men is unfair and misandrist; how can the United Nations ignore half the problem of domestic abuse and expect justice to prevail and violence eliminated?”
– Earl Silverman, president, Family of Men Support Society, Canada

“Mothers At Home is concerned about the damage to children that reports like the UN Violence Report can cause. This Report will adversely affect the relationships between children and their fathers. This is a terrible injustice to the child.”
– Nora Bennis, president, Mothers At Home, Ireland

“We note with regret in the UN report the continued misrepresentation of the true facts on domestic violence. The report fails to highlight the fact that the risk of domestic violence is many times greater outside of marriage and that the promotion and protection of marriage would dramatically reduce such conflict.”
– Roger Eldridge, chairman, National Men’s Council of Ireland, Ireland

“When my ex- took away my son while pregnant with him, it was never considered violent. But what could be more violent than to wrench a son away from his own father, then have that supported by law and social policy – I ask you?”
– Jim A. K. Bailey, head, HandsOnEqualParent Trust, New Zealand

“There is no credible scientific evidence that initiation of domestic violence is substantially a male-on-female problem anywhere in the world. Yet, this is the assumption irrevocably embedded in the UN report which if accepted, would lend credence to a notoriously radical gender ideology.”
– David Usher, president, American Coalition for Fathers and Children, United States

“The UN Report ignores the plight and pain of half of all victims of domestic violence. In effect this report ‘sanctions’ male victims and ignores the terrorism that fills their lives simply because they are men.”
– Lee Newman, executive director, SAFE International, United States

“I know far too many men who have been falsely accused of domestic violence and who haven’t been able to see their children for years. The idea that other countries and now the UN want to duplicate the American approach saddens me greatly.”
– Teri Stoddard, president, Shared Parenting Works, United States