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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
WCVB-TV: Innocent Men Permanently On Restraining Order Registry
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2/25/2011 Julian Assange's Political Honeytrap
2/14/2011 Man Dead After Woman Drugs Him And Cuts Off His Penis
2/17/2011 Nebraska Couple Duct-Tape 22 Month Boy to Wall For Fun; Woman Sentenced To 10 Days; Man Sentenced to 3-5 Years
2/17/2011 Penna. Mother Duct-Taped 18 Month Old Daughter
2/18/2011 Southern Calif. Mother Duct-Taped Toddler Son Because She Thought It Would Be Funny
2/4/2011 Domestic Violence Myths Help No One
2/5/2011 London School Of Economics Professor Concludes Gender Pay Gap Due To Women's Lifestyle Choices, Not Discrimination
1/13/2011 My Wife Hugged Me To Say Sorry For Beating Me Up... Then Knifed Me In The Back
1/4/2011 If Cops Had Charged Woman For Her Multiple Assaults On 3 Other Men, Maybe Her Latest Boyfriend Wouldn't Be Dead
12/29/2010 CNN Anchor Alina Cho Asks Woman Who Sexually Mutilated Her Husband If She Now Laughs About It
12/17/2010 Woman Who Falsely Accused Duke Lacrosse Team Of Rape, Convicted Of Child Abuse; Jury Deadlocked 9-3 On Arson
12/15/2010 Woman Shoots Ex-Fiance; Media Won't To Call It "Domestic Violence"
11/25/2010 Inspector General Says Calif. Sexual Assault Coalition Spent 1/2 Their Stimulus Funds Improperly; Failed To Achieve Results
11/19/2010 MTV 'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Faces Domestic Violence Charges
11/20/2010 Woman Falsely Accused Man Of Rape To Get Out Of Debt
11/18/2010 Dead Father Had Stayed With Murderous Wife For His Daughter's Sake
11/16/2010 Mother Guilty of Murdering Her Two Daughters; Biased Judge Rants Against Father Who Sought To Protect Them
11/16/2010 Father Grieves For His Daughters Murdered By Their Mother
11/3/2010 Investigation Whitewashes Police Brutalization Of Innocent Man
3/5/2010 Vancouver's Domestic Violence Policies Result In Police Brutalizing Innocent Man
10/29/2010 Mom Who Killed 3 Month Old Baby Boy For Interrupting FarmVille Time Was On Probation For Domestic Battery
10/27/2010 Mom Shakes Baby For Interrupting FarmVille; Pleads Guilty to Murder
10/15/2010 To Manipulate Male Patient Into Killing Her Husband, Female Psychiatrist Drugs Patient, Has Sex, And Hypnotizes Him
10/14/2010 Woman Who Burned Husband To Death Gets Off With Only A Manslaughter Conviction
6/21/2010 Misandry In The Judiciary: Female Sexual Predator Gets Off With Just One Year; Now Out And Honored As "Person Of The Month"
9/20/2010 Woman Journalist Admits Her Sex Abuse Accusation Against Her Father Was A Lie
9/21/2010 Elementary Teacher Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct With Boy Under 14
9/16/2010 Prosecution Says Mother Drowned Toddlers To Prevent Father From Getting Custody
9/14/2010 Single Mothers Largest Group Of Child Abusers; Child Sexual Abuse By Women Grossly Under-Reported
9/11/2010 Woman Admits Lying About Rape; Innocent Man Jailed For Two Years
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